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EXO, Kris/Lay

Title: Too high
Author/Artist: tyreling
Fandom: EXO
Focus: Kris/Lay
Theme: #11 Five public places, pool
Rating: overall PG

It's a long way downCollapse )

Gundam Wing, Trowa and Quatre

Title: A Reason To Be Loved
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five emotions – Hope
Rating: G

And working hard to find yourselvesCollapse )
Title: Side By Side
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five pieces of leather – Boots

The fourth step is learning to fit togetherCollapse )

Week #4

My apologies! Have a terrible cold and just felt up to getting out of bed.

Posting for week #4 is underway. You will have until Saturday, October 6, 2012 to post your response.

Remember, you're free to interpret each theme however you wish. Each drabble or ficlet can be self-contained, but all combined must create some sort of over-all story arc.

Week 3 - Weiss Kreuz (Crawford/Schuldig)

Title: Only You Can Prevent
Author: daegaer
Theme: Five Natural Disasters (Forest Fire)
Rating: G

"Poor baby," Schuldig said, stroking Crawford's brow. "Did the naughty ickle boy almost kill you?"

"No," Crawford snapped. "I knew he'd pick then to have a tantrum."

"No, you didn't," Nagi said indistinctly through his pizza. "By the way, I hate this forest."

Schuldig threw him a Snickers bar.

Three-two-one, Crawford thought, shooting several times as the target and his companions came into view on the hiking trail. They all dropped."Let's go."

"Crawford," Farfarello said, peering through a telescope. "Did you foresee hitting their kerosene?"

"Um," Crawford said, watching flames begin to lick at the forest floor. "Run?"

They ran.

Week 2 - Weiss Kreuz (Crawford, Nagi)

Title: Breakfast in America
Author: daegaer
Theme: Five Natural Disasters (Earthquake)
Rating: G
Notes: Apologies for this being late!

"I hate working in America," Nagi grumbled. "Everyone's so cheery." He telekinetically decapitated the last target. "Have a nice day!" he trilled.

"We'll get frozen yoghurt later," Crawford said as if offering an indulgent treat.

"I want pizza, corndogs and buffalo wings," Nagi said. "If we have to be here, I want the junk food."

"This is California," Crawford said. "Frozen yoghurt it is."

"Fuck California!" Nagi yelled petulantly, stamping his foot.

The San Andreas Fault made a peculiar, eager noise. They looked at each other, then ran.

"You're grounded, young man!" Crawford yelled as the buildings started to topple.

Dragaera, Aerich/Tazendra

Title: The Duties of Adults
Author/Artist: Becca Stareyes
Theme: 5 stages of life: adulthood
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Set shortly after The Phoenix Guards

In which Tazendra discovers duty isn't always fun and violence.Collapse )
Subject: The Professionals: Bodie/Doyle
Title: A Taste of Passion (Exploring a relationship through 5 senses #3 – taste)
Author/Artist: Merentha
Theme: slash
Rating: adult
Author's Notes: just borrowing the lads, no copyright infringement intended

Sated, eyes closed, he relished the memories of the banquet that had been spread before him – the heady sweetness of wine tinged lips, the spicy tang of aftershave on his tongue, the faintly sour sweat of peaked nipples, the savoury skin of belly and thigh, and finally, the salty essence of Bodie’s release filling his mouth. Bodie had served up a delicious feast. Passion spent, they had slept. But when he woke and turned hungrily to his partner for more, Bodie’s side of the bed was empty. He swallowed the bitter taste of disappointment. It had become a familiar flavour.

EXO, Kris/Lay

Title: too random
Author/Artist: tyreling
Fandom: EXO
Focus: Kris/Lay
Theme: #11 Five public places, carnival
Rating: overall PG

Yixing's definition of making upCollapse )

Gundam Wing, Trowa and Quatre

Title: A Reason To Be Loved
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five emotions – Regret
Rating: G

To know when you are apartCollapse )


The Multifandom Stages of Love Drabble Challenge

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