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appreciating the habit of randomness

Harry Potter: Severus/Sirius - times of day: night

Title: Wait for Me (5/5)
Author: Envinyatar (aka randomisedhabit)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Word Count: 109
Previous: Dawn. Noon. Afternoon. Evening.

Notes: Unbeta'd, so beware. I'm not a native.

Sirius’ initial resistance – too much for him – gives way to burning passion as clothing is ripped out of the way. They rub their hard cocks together, eliciting moans from each other.

“Now,” Snape gasps in his ear. Sirius is about to comply by slicking his fingers, but Snape stops him. “Do it.” Sirius stares a moment in doubt, awaiting confirmation, which he receives. He lifts Snape’s hips, positions himself, and plunges in.

They groan in unison and begin moving in abandon. Release isn’t far away.

Fitfully, they sleep through the night, bodies touching even in sleep. They need the rest, for who knows what the next day will bring?

Tags: harry potter, severus snape/sirius black, times of day: night
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