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appreciating the habit of randomness

Harry Potter: Severus/Sirius - times of day: evening

Sorry for the lateness!

Title: Wait for Me (4/5)
Author: Envinyatar (aka randomisedhabit)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Word Count: 100
Previous: Dawn. Noon. Afternoon.

Notes: Unbeta'd, so beware. I'm not a native.

Evening brings threatening darkness with it.

Sirius has taken Snape to the house and tended to him as well as possible, mending broken bones, healing bleeding wounds. Now he’s waiting for the spy to regain consciousness, caressing his hair every so often to assure himself the man on the couch is real. Every time Snape joins Voldemort, Sirius fears for him, and every time he returns, his wildest dream comes true.

Snape’s eyes open. Sirius leans down to kiss him, then murmurs against his lips, “Sleep.”

“No sleep,” Snape answers, pulling Sirius to him with a surprising amount of strength.

Tags: harry potter, severus snape/sirius black, times of day: evening/dusk
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