Miss Liz (wickedgameff) wrote in stagesoflove,
Miss Liz

Veronica Mars: Logan/Veronica, Seven Deadly Sins

Title: Hungry
Author: WickedGame
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins
Rating: PG13
Author’s Note: Sin in spotlight: Gluttony

I can’t get enough of him. Even though he has failed me many times I keep finding myself letting him back in, letting him consume me with wit, sincerity, and charm.

I kiss him and taste heaven. I touch him and feel promise. I want to be with him, be a part of him. I want him to touch me and feel me. I want to never let him go.

I just want him to be mine for that much longer. I don’t ever think I can be sated when it comes to Logan. He makes me feel too much.

Author's Note: I just wanted to say that this has been a very neat and interesting experience! I have read some really great things here and would be thrilled to participate again!
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