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Prince of Tennis: Tezuka Kunimitsu/Fuji Syusuke, Seven Cardinal Virtues: Hope

Title: In Amor Veritas Part 12: Humilitas
Author: Reddwarfer
Rating: PG
Fandom/Pairing: TeniPuri: Tezuka/Fuji
Theme: Seven Cardinal Virtues: Hope
Word Count: 301
Disclaimer: The owners of PoT own PoT.

Fuji wonders if things will change once school is over and they're both adults. He knows why Tezuka hesitates and, if he's honest, sometimes he does too. There're a whole slew of things that stand as reasons why they can't, why they shouldn't. Fuji sometimes worries that Tezuka, being who he is, will cave under the pressure of being the only son, the good and noble son. He doesn't care so much about it, regardless of what the consequences are.

He had decided long ago that there will always be things more important than pride, more important than being "a good boy". Fuji's life has always been a painful tug-of-war between what he wants and what's expected. Living up to expectations, higher than his father's ever had of himself, has brought two things to Fuji's life. One has been pain. Friendships were always tentative at best, and the better he was, the better he did, the less people wanted to be around him. Yuuta is the epitome of all this. No one is ever happy living in someone's shadow. Although, when he thinks of his Captain, he thinks he could be. The other was Tezuka. Talent led to expectations, which led to tennis, which led to Tezuka, and he can never regret that.

For Tezuka, Fuji is willing crawl like a dog, nipping at his heels until Tezuka deems him worthy of attention. For Tezuka, Fuji is willing to do whatever he can to keep Tezuka's interest. For Tezuka, Fuji is willing to do what Tezuka will not. He will go to him, initiate things, and pray all the while that he won't be refused. He will take the blame for everything, and gladly do so, because Tezuka has given him something that he thought he had lost with Yuuta. Tezuka makes him want to try, to win.

Tags: kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, prince of tennis, seven virtues: hope
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