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SGA/SG-1: Teyla/Cameron, Five Firsts - First Time

Title: The Sunset
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Firsts - Stage 5 (first time)
Rating: NC-17

The Sunset

Sex on the beach is such a cliché, but I couldn't help myself...

She found him lying close to the water's edge, his elbows digging into the hardened sand as he watched the sun make it's slow descent across the ocean. He lifted his chin lazily as her feet came into his line of vision.

“Hey. Got a bit bored down at the camp so I thought I'd seize the chance to watch the sunset.”

Teyla knelt down beside him, her eyes joining his in savouring the view. When her gaze returned to Cameron, she found that his eyes were closed and a serene smile now adorned his face. She couldn't resist the urge to scoop up a handful of sand and slowly deposit it onto his face. His eyes shot open as he coughed and spluttered, and it didn't take long for his arms to reach out for hers and push her down to the ground. Laughing, they rolled over repeatedly, each gaining the upper hand for a few moments before surrendering to the other.

They came to a halt when he laid his palms either side of her head and straightened his arms. Her legs untangled themselves from his waist, and a gentle thrust of her pelvis into his was all that was needed to spur him into action.

Hands stroked her skin and tugged at her clothes as lips and teeth left their mark, all with a fervour that surprised her. He had barely torn away his own clothes when he took her, and she cried out from the shock as well as the pleasure. He moved quickly and surely, watching her face intently to gauge the extent of her need and desire as well as to gratify his own.

He made sure that she cried out once more before his body stiffened and slumped on top of hers. He rolled over, pulling her with him as his fingers smoothed away the sand grains from her back.

“Damn. Looks like we missed the sunset.”

He felt her chuckle as her head settled comfortably against his chest. “Then we shall have to return to see it tomorrow.”

His arms tightened around her. “Suits me just fine.”

Tags: five firsts: first time, stargate: sg-1/atlantis, teyla emmagan/cameron mitchell
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