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SGA: Teyla/John/Rodney, Five Stages of Change - Acceptance

Title: Wanting
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Change - Stage 5 (acceptance)
Rating: PG


He arrived in the middle of a frenzied attack by Teyla, with John barely able to stay on his feet and fend her off. Neither acknowledged his presence, but he knew that they aware of him. He waited, impatiently at first, but was soon mesmerised by the beauty and finesse of their movements. Their sequence ended with Teyla sweeping John's legs from
under him and digging the end of one stick into his throat. She turned to look at Rodney, her expression neutral, before flinging the sticks to one side and walking towards the window seat. John sat up and waited for him to speak.

Instead, Rodney stepped forward to pick up Teyla's sticks, twirling them cautiously as he straightened. John and Teyla exchanged a glance before he got to his feet and passed his sticks to her. Rodney took up the defensive stance that he had seen John use as he observed Teyla circle him. 

Her attack was deliberately slow, and Rodney let out a sigh of relief as he defended himself with relative ease. Each round proved to be more demanding than the previous, and it wasn't long before he found himself in a similar predicament to John, wincing as his back smacked the hard floor. Teyla extended her hand to help him up before joining John at the window. Rodney stayed where he was, eyes gazing resolutely at the floor while he tried to catch his breath. Finally looking up, he saw identical smiles on his companions' faces; a mixture of apprehension and encouragement. He knew that it was time to face the truth.

“I want in. This...this thing that's going on between us, the three of us, I want in. I want you. Both of you.”

Teyla was the first to react, walking slowly and surely towards him, and coming to a halt inches from him as she stated, “Then you shall have us.”
Tags: sheppard/teyla/mckay, stages of change: acceptance, stargate: atlantis
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