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SGA: Teyla/Lorne, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Penetration

Title: Silk
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Stage 5 (penetration)
Rating: NC-17


She had been sceptical when he had first suggested it, but knew that the idea of control was important to him. She had done exactly as he had asked, lying perfectly still on the bed as his hands and lips explored her body. It wasn't until she felt his fingers slip inside one by one that her wrists started to fight the pressure of the silk that bound them. He replied by lowering his body flush onto hers. She tilted her head towards his, trying to capture his lips, but he pulled back and shook his head. “Not yet.” His fingers worked relentlessly, until she was moaning lightly to the same rhythm. She groaned when his fingers left her and made their way to her mouth. She sucked hard, pleased to see him swallow just as hard in response.

She tried to pull him into her, but his hands held her hips firmly in place. “Patience,” he chastised. She glared, and was rewarded with a smirk. “You shall regret teasing me so.” His smile widened as he pondered her remark. “I doubt that. Somehow I think I'm gonna enjoy your idea of revenge.”

Before she could counter, he thrust into her in one swift movement. Her upper body jerked up in response, and he laughed as he quickly pulled his head out of her way. She tried to show her displeasure, but her entire body defied her. The sheer delight of having him inside her after the torment of his hands and mouth overcame any attempt to quell his ego.

He moved as slowly and deliberately as he could, fuelling her frustration. She decided to try a different approach, and concentrated her efforts on hindering her body's response to him. As her body stilled, she heard him chuckle. She had no doubt that he knew exactly what her intentions were. But instead of increasing his pace and intensity for her gratification, he stilled too. She studied his face intently, trying to anticipate his next move. He gave nothing away, and she couldn't prevent the gasp escaping from her lips when she felt his fingers reach between them. It didn't take long for the unrelenting circular motion to have her clenching and crying out against him. 

The feel of the scarf loosening around her wrists enticed her eyes to open. He placed her hands on his hips as he built up a frenzied pace, and she held him tightly as he whispered her name into her hair before collapsing onto her. She was definitely looking forward to her turn.
Tags: physical intimacy: penetration, stargate: atlantis, teyla emmagan/lorne
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