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SGA: John/Teyla, Five Colours - Burgundy

Title: Burgundy
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Colours - Stage 5 (Burgundy)
Rating: PG-13


The final time that he has her in his arms, he can taste the wine on her lips. The alcohol courses through his body as well as hers, but it does nothing to numb the pain. He takes his time, tries to commit every inch of her body to memory and savour her taste and smell. She reverses their positions and is just as attentive, and he wonders how they have come so far and given so much, and yet are willing to walk away.

She had refused to look at him during the day, fearing that the mask that she had been wearing for so long would slip. It was only when he had appeared by her side at the party, a bottle of wine in hand that their eyes met. They both watched the stream of burgundy pour into her glass, hands and lips within tantalising reach but unattainable in public. They turned to hear Dr. Weir's farewell to the Athosians, and she discreetly brushed her free hand against his. It was a simple gesture, but meant everything to him.

Now, he wishes that he had given in to his desire earlier, just to have a few more months, weeks or even days of memories with her. He thinks that he sees the light shimmer in her eyes but any moisture is quickly swept under her eyelids as her lips seek his once last time. He wonders whether he should say something, anything, to try and persuade her to stay. He doesn't say. And she doesn't stay.
Tags: five colors, john sheppard/teyla emmagan, stargate: atlantis
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