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house m.d. -- greg house/brittany house -- 7 sins -- greed

Title: Greed
Author: ramblinwanderer
Pairing: Greg House/Brittany House (OC)
Fandom: House, M.D.
Prompt: Seven Deadly Sins -- Greed
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Talk of sex. Sorry this is late, work kicked me in the ass. >.>

She's looking at him, licking her lips as she sprawls across his body, eyes locked on his, brown on blue. He's hers, and he knows it, even if he won't admit it all the time (though most of the time he does) and she's pretty damn sure he likes it too.

He may be his own man, but he is her man. And that is the way they like it.

Besides, she's not a fan of sharing.

And this is her tiger. Her big strong arms to nestle in, her lips to kiss, her tongue to wrestle with. Her man.

There was that woman, at the bar. Who hit on him. That bitch had landed on her face in the middle of the floor, and she'd promptly returned to her husband, dragged him outside, and had sex with him up against the hood of the car in the parking lot.

Her lover. All hers, to play with, to nip at, to suck and tease and drive absolutely insane.

She smirks against his lips.

He smirks back.

She may think she's the one in control, but in all reality, while that is the truth, that isn't all he has planned.

Because he really does like being owned, once in awhile.
Tags: greg house/brittany house, house m.d., seven deadly sins: greed
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