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House, M.D. - Greg House/Brittany House - seven virtues: prudence

Prudence. Right. This theme is a nightmare because I don't think anyone can accuse my OTP of being prudent. Oh, God no. I'll try to come up with six more over the week, but this is gonna be a real challenge.

Title: How Not To Get Caught
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Greg House/Brittany House
Prompt: #6 -- Prudence
Word Count: 167
Rating: PG
Summary: They've learned how to lie.
Author's Notes: Wow, this theme is a pain.

The Houses have an active personal life. That much is obvious. Brittany is twenty weeks pregnant, and babies just don't appear out of nowhere. But they also know that nobody, especially the roomful of her close, male friends they work with every day, wants to know about it.

So over the last year and a half, they've learned the fine art of how not to get caught.

They've learned to not leave conspicuous marks anywhere where they can be seen, or to wear turtlenecks if they absolutely can't help themselves. They've learned to watch where they put their hands and what kind of innuendoes they make when they're in public. They've learned to turn the cell phones off when they're in flagrante delicto and not to come back to work until they're both in one respectable, non-flushed, non-panting, piece.

And they've learned to stop saying they got stuck in traffic or they had to make a last-minute errand on their lunch hour.

Nobody believes that one anymore.

Title: Execution
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Greg House/Brittany House
Prompt: #6 -- Prudence
Word Count: 181
Rating: PG
Summary: I can actually blame this entire piece on Neal McDonough. It's his fault.

They both have no problem with and no shame in saying exactly what they feel. Giving somebody a piece of their mind. Fighting for what they believe in.

And they can both usually dig themselves a pretty big grave doing it.

For House, that's just who he is. A snarky, assertive, opinionated son of a bitch who doesn't care who he insults or how he makes anybody feel. Brittany prefers to blame it on the hard-charging people she was raised around. Her father. George Mason, the sarcastic bureaucrat. Or her old pal David McNorris, the Irish recovering alcoholic of a Deputy District Attorney.

They both know how to argue; they just haven't mastered when to quit.

Usually, when one of them gets out of hand, the other one is there to haul them off, kicking and screaming, or advise that throwing that blunt object really isn't a good idea. They can count on each other to tell each other to shut the hell up before they get fired or arrested.

How they can't follow their own advice, neither of them knows.

Tags: greg house/brittany house, house m.d., seven virtues: prudence
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