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Gundam Wing, 1x2x3x4x5, five colors

apologies for lateness...

title: Composition #10
author: windsor blue
theme: five colors (Mondrian's palette - blue, red, yellow, white, black)
rating: NC-17, just to be on the safe side
warnings: references to smutty situations, kinks, etc.
fandom: Gundam Wing
pairing: boypile - 1x2x3x4x5
word count: 385
note: The painting they're discussing is "Composition #10" by Piet Mondrian, and can be seen here. The second painting they see is "Convergence" by Jackson Pollack, and it can be seen here.

When they finished kissing - when Duo had snuck in a couple of tiny kisses after the long one, one for 'that was nice' and one for 'until next time' - without looking at the painting again, Duo said, "So that makes Heero the white."

Quatre made an mm-hm-sound, nestled his chin onto Duo's shoulder again, looked at the painting while Duo looked at him. "White is peace, the color of the dove. White is purity, virginity..." Duo snorted and Quatre crooked-grinned. "Of spirit, I mean - not necessarily of body, although it can mean that as well. And I think of all of us, Heero really does have the purest spirit."

"I guess so...that's what happens when you spend your formative years in a lab, I suppose." Duo's voice was harder than his words, sounded like he resented Heero's childhood on Heero's behalf.

Quatre shrugged. "It doesn't really matter how it came about - it's part of who he is, that pure spirit. It's part of what we love about him. If having a different upbringing would have made him a different person, then I can't wish that for him." A small, slow smile crept onto Quatre's lips and into his voice. "I'm far too fond of the Heero we have now."

Duo watched Quatre's smile before he nodded. "Okay, you got me there." They were both quiet for a moment before Duo spoke again. "Wufei says white's a color of mourning."

"It can be, yes. It can also indicate Heaven and the redemption that's supposed to come after death...the light of the world." Quatre paused and turned his face towards Duo's. "Earth's savior. I think that fits rather well, actually."

"Yeah," Duo nodded. "Yeah, it does."

Quatre smiled again and stepped back, taking Duo's hand, leading him away from that painting and on to the next. Still the same five colors - blue, red, yellow, black, white - but at the hand of a different artist, without clean lines, just drips and spills.

Duo stared hard at the painting for a long while before finally saying, "It looks like our sheets after a really good night."

After Quatre stopped laughing, he kissed Duo on the cheek and said, "I can't take you anywhere."

Tags: five colors, gundam wing, pilot boypile: 1x2x3x4x5
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