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Stargate SG-1: Daniel/Vala, Intimacy: Handjob

Title: Playtime
Author: m00nbrain
Rating R
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
Theme: 5 Stages Of Intimacy: Handjob

A/N: Sorry for the extreme lateness and the horribleness of this part. First time writting R/NC-17 fic. Woefully unbeta'd :\

Daniel felt the hot breath ghost over the back of his neck followed by Vala’s sultry voice.

“Daniel play with me.” Anything Vala says should never sound so good but it does, it really does. Her fingers teased his heated skin as she slid them along the collar of his shirt.

The heady scent of her jasmine and desire suffocated any thought of protest.
He knew he should say no but even if he could get his voice to work he wouldn’t mean it.

He closed his eyes and let his head rolled against her shoulder as she unfastened his pants slowly. He his whole body was aware of her presence and it hummed along with the rapid beating of his heart.

“Vala…” he moaned, hoping to get her to hurry up. He could feel that wicked smile against neck as she hushed him.

It had been so very long since someone had touched him like this and he was ready to beg her for it but her soft long fingers wrapped around him and words were forgotten.

She started slow, testing him and he hissed when she squeezed him just a little harder. His brain went into sensory overload when he felt her warm fingers tunnel through his hair, almost cradling his head as her lips and teeth slid along his neck.

Pure fire was twisting in his veins as his whole universe centered on her hand and the chaos it caused his body.

He wanted to fight the frustration she caused, fight the need she had stirred him like no else but if it meant this kind of euphoria he’d suffer it over and over.

“It’s okay. I’ll take care of you.” She whispered and he wanted to tell her not to make promises she couldn’t keep but the moment her nails scratched his scalp he came with her name slipping past his lips.

He kept his eyes closed a few more seconds before cautiously peeking. He half expected to find himself in his own room but he was still seated in his office staring at an empty room.
Tags: daniel jackson/vala mal doran, intimacy, stages of love: intimacy, stargate: sg-1
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