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CSI: Sara/Sofia, intimacy: penetration

Title: Back to the Beginning
Author: 4ensicbones
Theme: The 5 Stages of Physical Intimacy: Penetration
Rating: R
Author's Note: throe - noun - A severe pang or spasm of pain, as in childbirth. I think, and this could just be me, if you're engaging in "throes of passion", then you're doing something wrong.

Also, YAY! I'm done!!

She has a hand down your pants and one under your shirt, and you can't remember why you were in this lab. Something about a case, maybe, but you really don't care anymore. All you care about are her fingers pressing deeper into you and her mouth on yours, which is the only thing keeping you quiet to which you will be eternally grateful because humiliation during the throes of passion? Not really your style. But you bite your lip and rest your head against the wall as your orgasm rips through you instead of screaming her name because it's that good, she's that. damn. good.

Then her pager's going off and you're still breathing heavy but it's Brass and she can't keep him waiting so you just laugh as she smiles and brushes past you because that's exactly how this started.
Tags: csi, physical intimacy: penetration, sara sidle/sofia curtis
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