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Saiyuki, Homura/Konzen, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy

Title: Untitled
Author/Artist: Sudachi
Theme: Penetration
Rating: R
Author's Notes: None

Konzen cursed, tugging at the rope that bound him to the bedposts. He should have seen this coming; should have known from the moment that asshole knocked at his door that it was a set-up. Perhaps Tenpou hadn't known when he suggested the idea of a 'sleepover'... perhaps Homura had only taken advantage of the opportunity offered by the Gensui's own desire for Goku's company. Konzen scowled. More likely, Homura had suggested the damn idea himself.

"Come now, Konzen... calm down." The war prince smiled, moving to sit beside his captive. He slowly brushed his hand along Konzen's stomach, chuckling at the man's instinctive attempts to pull away. It took time to work his way through the folds of cloth, but his fingertips reached Konzen's bare skin quickly enough.

Konzen frowned, yanking hard enough to bruise his wrists. "Bastard.. release me!" He redoubled his efforts, determined to free himself, determined to kill the man beside him. His scowl darkened as Homura laughed, and he quickly amended his plans. Not kill him.. not right away, at least. It was obviously necessary to torture the asshole first...

Homura grinned at the blonde's expression. "If I release you... you'll start fighting again." He peeled open the robes, slowly undressing his soon-to-be lover. "It was hard enough to subdue you in the first place." Ducking his head, Homura claimed the captured man's lips in a fierce kiss. He ignored the sharp bite, his tongue used to the abuse by now, and pressed onward until he received the desired response.

It was always like this, Konzen reflected, his tongue battling for dominance. No matter how much of a fight he put up, in the end it was always like this. In some ways, the ropes helped, the position forcing him into greater submission than he could allow himself willingly. Freeing him to enjoy the sensations he couldn't otherwise accept. He knew that, understood it... perhaps even appreciated it. Konzen gasped softly as the kiss broke, and bit down, purposely drawing blood from Homura's lower lip. Even appreciating it didn't mean he had to make the man's job any easier.

Homura chuckled, wiping away the traces of blood as he sat up. "So stubborn..." It was to be expected, though, nothing less would work for them. The war god shrugged, and set to work, proving he could be just as stubborn as the man beneath him. Each caress, each stroke, even the first of many thrusts was rejected. Every soft moan they shared had to be earned, practically ripped from the other's throat. It took time to coax the blonde's body into relaxing... patience to take the man, to fill him without truly becoming cruel. But in the end...

In the end, it was worth the annoyance, Konzen decided. Worth putting up with the man, worth the smirks and mocking laughter... even worth the raw wrists he would have to hide from Goku tomorrow.

In the end, he only forced Homura to the empty side of the bed.

Part 1: Patting
Part 2: Hugging
Part 3: Kissing
Part 4: Mouth/handjobs
Tags: konzen douji/homura taishi, saiyuki
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