astarvingwriter (astarvingwriter) wrote in stagesoflove,

Naruto: Itachi/Sakura, Colors: Red

Title: Multiple Hues
Theme: Five Colors: Red (5/5)
Rating: PG-ish

Multiple Hues
Just A Starving Writer

Standard Disclaimer Applies

When he sleeps, he sees red. He sees her hair tainted by the surrounding darkness, he sees her blood, he sees his own ruined eyes. When he wakes, he listens and feels and follows what indications he has of her trail.

There is no doubting he will find her.

There is some doubt regarding his actions once he does. Her death is not an option, but he will need to bind her to him. He will need to keep her from being so foolish.

When he sesnses her chakra tangled with his brother’s, he knows exactly how to keep her.

Tags: five colors, naruto, uchiha itachi/haruno sakura
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