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Five Firsts - true love. Seifer/Squall, Final Fantasy 8.

Title: Willing to try
Author: darksquall
Rating: Pg13
Fandom/Pairing: Final Fantasy 8 Seifer/Squall
Theme: True love.
Disclaimer: Squareenix owns these boys, I make no claim

“I love you.”

The words were spoken so softly that Seifer almost believed he’d imagined it. He’d been about to leave, having allowed himself one last time with Squall, with the war only a distant shadow behind them, beginning already to fade in the light of a new life. Of a new beginning.

He found himself pausing, despite himself, in the doorway and looking back over his shoulder. It wasn’t his voice that asked “really?” in that heart brokenly soft tone of need and longing. It wasn’t his heart thundering in his ears as he watched Squall sit up and rub the sleep from his eyes.

“I love you,” Squall repeated, reaching for him with only a heart beat’s hesitation. There was something in his silver grey eyes that made Seifer wonder what Squall had dreamt about. A haunted look, a needy longing that had Seifer turning to face Squall properly before he realised what he was doing.

“What do you want, Squall?” he asked, too wary of the quiet young man and his fickle mind to give in to the urge to return to his bed just yet.

“Just you. I want you to stay with me this time. Stop running, stop fighting me.”

Seifer threw back his head, laughing as he crossed hesitantly to the bed to sit beside Squall, taking his hand and holding it in his lap carefully. “We can’t stop fighting, squirt. It’d be the end of the world.”

“That isn’t what I meant and you know it,” the younger man whispered, edging closer as cautiously as one might approach a ruby dragon protecting her young. This was unchartered territory. This was scary and big and new and Squall was still trying to figure out if he should bolt or wait.

“You got me, Squirt,” he said, ruffling his lover’s hair with one hand and smirking at him.

When Squall slumped against him in relief, muttering an accusatory “bastard” for good measure, Seifer wrapped an arm around him and chuckled quietly to himself. He wasn’t sure it was true love just yet – though he suspected it regardless - but he was definitely willing to try.
Tags: final fantasy 8, firsts: true love, seifer almasy/squall leonhart
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