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CSI: Miami, Horatio Caine/Marisol Delko, Seven Virtues: temperance

Title: Temperance 1/1
Author: Sweetness (aaronlisa@gmail.com)
Pairing: Horatio/Marisol
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: CSI: Miami belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS and company.
Notes: Written for the Seven Virtues challenge at stagesoflove for temperance. Set during CSI: Miami Season Four.

As he listened to the threats against his wife, Horatio Caine decided that he would wait. He tempered his rage towards the men that threatened his wife in favour of waiting for them to show their hand. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to protect Marisol if he was behind bars for assault. Instead he gave the gang member an enigmatic smile and walked away. Marisol was the most valuable thing in his life, yet he had faith that between Eric and himself, they would protect Marisol. After all this wasn’t the first death threat that he had received, nor would it be the last. The only thing different this time around was that it was directed at his beautiful wife. In the past he had always been able to shrug off the death threats and he would do the same this time around.

As he reached his office, Horatio called his wife and listened to her tell him about her day and he smiled. Marisol had changed him in so many ways. Gone was the never-ending guilt that had driven him the in past, and in its place was a feeling of peace. The old Horatio Caine would never have been able to turn away from a threat against his wife. And although he took the threat very seriously, Horatio decided not to alarm Marisol quite yet. First he would discuss the matter with Eric and come up with a plan so that they could protect her. Rash action would not help protect her so he made plans to take her to dinner at her favourite restaurant that night.

Tags: csi: miami, horatio caine/marisol delko, seven virtues: temperance
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