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Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji, Firsts: True love

Title: Short course on implications and consequences [9/10]
Author: Ele Rgb (ele5)
Rating: PG
Theme: Firsts: True love
Author's notes: I'm tying Firsts and Wrongs together.

No, he wouldn’t apply to the Technische Universität Karlsruhe. The university was good, the research fields interesting, and it would be nice to go back to Germany, but there wouldn’t be anything of interest anywhere nearby for Fuji.

He wouldn’t apply to the university of Edinburgh because of the exact same reason. He just didn’t want to stay away from Fuji. He had just managed that when he was a teenager in Germany because of his shoulder. At that time they didn’t even date, and still it had been difficult.

And now... Tezuka looked at Fuji, who was sitting on the other side of the table, chewing his pencil and reading general instructions for applying to foreign universities and for moving abroad. Fuji looked so adorable. Very concentrated on his work (which was the biggest turn on Tezuka knew) , and bangs falling on his face. It was almost impossible not to go to Fuji and kiss him and perhaps drag him to bed, but he needed to resist. They needed to get this done. They needed to choose universities, and write applications, and the sooner it was done, the better.

It would be good to get to Europe or to America. Most likely it would be later considered a merit if they had lived, studied and worked outside Japan, and they could be more openly together. To be exact, in the best case anything they might do, could be labeled “they are from some different culture and hence they have different habits”.

So, next, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen? Good university, the city was said to be very relaxed, but again, the location wasn’t good.

Really, Fuji had to have that serious face just to drive him crazy. There was no other explanation for it. Besides, it wasn’t as if he didn’t notice that every now and then Fuji glimpsed at him before returning back to chewing the pencil and browsing the leaflet.

He shouldn’t give in. He really shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be good if he gave in. It would just prove Fuji that one could rule the world by chewing pencil and looking adorable. Then again, perhaps he could try to teach Fuji all the important lessons of life later. At least, first he needed to go to brush those bangs behind Fuji’s ears to make it easier for Fuji to read.
Tags: firsts: true love, kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, prince of tennis
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