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FFVIII: Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart, five rooms: bedroom

Title: Little Victories
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Bedroom
Rating: NC17

It's taken him long enough to get in here, but sitting on Squall's bed and looking at Mr Iceburg himself sat there as if it's just natural, Seifer isn't going to smirk or gloat or otherwise endanger his little victory. Taking Squall's hand he pulls him a little closer and kisses him and oh, wonder of wonders, Squall smiles -- smiles -- and kisses back, moving a hand up to rest on the back of his neck and moving closer to kiss him back more firmly.

It's like a fucking dream. A dream come true, at that. So Seifer is only too glad to let Squall take control, let Squall push him down and kiss him eagerly. Squall is eager and warm and it's so good to be touching him, to be touched by him, even if he does seem to think he's the one calling the shots.

Hell, Seifer doesn't really mind if he is the one calling the shots.

It's also kind of nice to be treated gently -- almost spoiled by Squall. Especially because Squall is rather eager with the gentleness, rather more eager than Seifer really expected given his touch-me-and-die attitude once upon a time. But apparently Squall is eager about sex and Seifer is really not arguing.

Seifer certainly never imagined or fantasized about being on his back with his legs spread with Squall's fingers inside him. But, he thinks, he wishes he had, because damn, it does feel good, and it feels even better when Squall pulls his fingers out and leans down to kiss him, nipping at his lips and then pushing into him. Definitely better, and ohfuck, Squall wraps his hand around Seifer's cock and strokes him quickly as he fucks him, and well, this is different and very wonderful.

Squall's thrusts turn rougher when he's about to come and he looks fucking gorgeous, and Seifer cups his cheek and digs his fingers in a bit and holds onto him tightly and closes his eyes and curses, because that's the only thing he can think of to do when it's so fucking good. Squall is smiling a bit as he lowers his face, burying it against Seifer's shoulder, and then he thrusts harder, once more, twice more, and Seifer cries out Squall's name when he comes and fuck everyone'll know by tomorrow, but he doesn't care.

He closes his eyes tightly, tighter, and runs his hand up Squall's spine, through his hair, kisses his mouth, his cheek, his jawline, his neck, and Squall makes a soft sound like a purr and Seifer'd check the sky again for those fucking pigs but it's not worth it to move and disturb the comfortable position they're in.

So he doesn't move.
Tags: final fantasy 8, five rooms, seifer almasy/squall leonhart
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