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FFIV/X-2: Edward "Edge" Geraldine/Gippal, five firsts: first time

Title: Fuzzy
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: First time
Rating: NC17

Gippal is a little nervous and a little too obvious about it, so Edge huffs at him and leaves it there and goes to get them a drink. He doesn't even touch Gippal until he relaxes, and then he teases him for being a wuss and Gippal scowls at him and drags him close and kisses him eagerly and oh, well then, maybe not a wuss, especially not now with his hands all over him.

Mind you, part of that has to be the alcohol.

The alcohol is probably mostly responsible for making everything a little blurry, too, but Edge is aware of his own clumsiness and Gippal's nervous laugh, and the sound of their clothes hitting the floor with a decisive thump. At some point the sheets get kicked off the bed, too, and Gippal laughs again and then kisses him hard, greedily, and he kisses back and presses against Gippal.

He's mostly aware of the rest of it, too -- a quick fumble for lotion or something and the potion that Gippal put into his hand, and the feel of Gippal's body around his fingers and the startled look on Gippal's face when he moans for the first time and arches up. He'll remember for days the way Gippal tangled a hand in his hair and asked for it -- not quite begging, but close enough.

And he'll never forget Gippal's tight heat around him, Gippal's frantic touches and his nails digging in a little, sliding down his back. He'll have red marks to remind him for a few days, he knows, but he couldn't forget anyway -- couldn't forget rocking deep into Gippal and kissing him and Gippal's frantic eager greed for him.

The look on Gippal's face, too -- that's burned into his memory -- and the way Gippal looked at him afterwards, soft and smiling and admitting that it wasn't that bad.

No, it definitely wasn't that bad.
Tags: crossovers: ffiv/ffx-2, edward 'edge' geraldine/gippal, five firsts: first time
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