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Prince of Tennis: Tezuka Kunimitsu/Fuji Syusuke, Stages of Love: Penetration

Title: All Soft Inside
Author: Reddwarfer
Fandom/Pairing: Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji
Theme: Stages of Physical Intimacy: Penetration
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 479
Disclaimer: The owners of PoT own PoT
Waiting Game-Captivation-Parallelism-The More I Give To You.

Fuji felt like a man praying before shrine as he knelt at Tezuka's feet. There was nothing so captivating as being the center of Tezuka's attention. He couldn't always have it on the court, but here, when they were together, alone, Fuji felt the only one in world. It was ridiculous, Fuji thought, because he it was during these moments that he felt completely unworthy of Tezuka.

He almost gasped in surprise when Tezuka dropped down to his knees as well. He reached out, hand caressing Tezuka's face, his lips until Tezuka reached up and held Fuji's hand in his own. Leaning toward him, Tezuka kissed him again and Fuji's whole body reacted to the simple touch. Using his body, Tezuka caused him to shift in position until he was seated on the floor, back against the wall. Fuji felt surrounded and it had nothing to do with the physical barriers around him.

Tezuka let his lips go, reluctantly it seemed, and reached into his nearby bag. Fuji felt his breath catch even though he knew that they would from the moment he felt Tezuka's fingers on his back.

He watched, transfixed, as Tezuka poured the oil onto his palm, liquid dripping through his fingers and onto the floor. It was unlike Tezuka to be so messy, but he was burning a hole through him with his gaze. He reached for Fuji hand, covering both of their fingers with the slick fluid, before guiding both of their fingers back behind him. Fuji couldn't look away from Tezuka's face as he pushed Fuji's finger inside of him. He could see everything in his face. The initial discomfort, the subsequent relaxation, the heady sensations. He didn't look away when he felt Tezuka's finger flush with his, opening Tezuka, stretching him, teasing the tops of his fingers with the calloused pads of Tezuka's.

After mere minutes, Tezuka leaned forward to kiss him as he smeared some more of that oil all over Fuji's cock. And then Tezuka was positioning himself, and allowing Fuji to inch inside of him. Fuji let his head fall back, unmindful of the wall behind him. Tezuka stilled, reached out, cupping his face as they kissed before slowly beginning to move on top of Fuji.

Fuji didn't know how to breathe, he didn't know how to moan, he didn't know how to think, all he knew was that his arms were around Tezuka, holding him as tightly as he could, as they made love. Fuji looked straight into Tezuka's eyes and felt himself swallowed completely. There were so many things he wanted to say, but his words died in his throat. He kissed Tezuka's face, his neck, his chin, his eyes, his chest, his skin and he hoped and prayed that he could once more find his voice, because his heart, his soul, were already in Tezuka's possession.
Tags: kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, physical intimacy: penetration, prince of tennis
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