Isobel (allora) wrote in stagesoflove,

Final Fantasy VII, Vincent/Lucretia, Set of Five Colours

Title: Cerulean
Author: verlandi
Theme: Set of 5 Colours
Rating: G

Dusk shadowed their faces. He wore a blue suit, a gun by his side. She wore a white coat, a baby in her arms. His heart was numbed by anguish, and his lips frozen by the winter wind.

She still spoke of what she believed, that it was for the greater good, although doubt was written all over her face now as she watched her child stirring in the swaddle.

“Do you want to know his name?”

“What will happen if I end his life right now?”

“ ...nothing that will help things return to how they used to be.”

Tags: final fantasy 7, five colors, vincent valentine/lucrecia crescent
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