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Gundam Seed/Destiny: Kira/Cagalli, 7 - firsts: first date

Sorry for the late post: I was on vacation without a computer =/

Title: Date
Author/Artist: angrycherokee
Theme: 4 – First Date
Rating: G
Author's Notes: direct continuation from number 3

Remember when you took me on a date nearly a year later, on our birthday, after the war ended? I remember it so well I had never talked so much to a person in one night, nor had I ever eaten with just one person, particularly a boy.
We had a secluded booth. We discussed our parents, our lineage, and, most importantly, what that meant for us. You were with Lacus, and I was with Athrun because of how the cards had been dealt. I remember looking into your crystalline eyes and seeing how disappointed, how shocked, how pained they were when you said the word “siblings.”
I kissed you after we had that talk, and you kissed me back. It didn't seem to matter that we were brother and sister, at least not to us.
Tags: five firsts: first date, gundam seed/destiny, kira yamato/cagalli yula athha
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