Ele Rgb (ele5) wrote in stagesoflove,
Ele Rgb

Gorgeous Carat: Noir/Florean, Stages of grief: Acceptance

Title: (I said nothing) You say goodbye [5/5]
Author: Ele Rgb (ele5)
Theme: Stages of grief: #5 Acceptance
Rating: G
A/N: The series of drabbles will be compiled together to be posted in my journal and in gorgeous_carat.


I’m writing this postcard in Santos. I’m leaving on a ship today evening, first to Cayenne, and then somewhere else.

It took time to get used to travelling around without any permanent place to live, but I’ve started to enjoy it very much. I’ve worked in more ships than I ever knew even existed.

It’s five years since I left Paris. It must have changed quite a lot, I think. Perhaps I’ll come back some day. I’m sure I did the right thing, but I still miss you all. I hope you haven’t forgotten me completely.

Best wishes,
Tags: gorgeous carat, noir/florean, stages of grief: acceptance
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