Ele Rgb (ele5) wrote in stagesoflove,
Ele Rgb

Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji, Stages of Change: Acceptance

Title: Unsterblich [5/5]
Author: Ele Rgb (ele5)
Theme: Acceptance
Rating: G
A/N: The title is snagged from Unsterblich by Die Toten Hosen. I translated the lyrics in my journal.

Everything was fine.

Tezuka was in America, Fuji was in France, both pursuing their careers.

Sometimes they heard from Inui. He still knew almost everything about anybody.

When Inui told that he had talked to Fuji and Fuji’s new telephone number or address, Tezuka programmed it to his phone’s memory, but couldn’t call. The following night he always dreamed of Fuji.

When Fuji saw in a crowd someone tall with glasses and hair that couldn’t be controlled, his heart started to beat a bit faster, until he noticed that it wasn’t Tezuka. That happened often.

But everything was fine. Really.
Tags: kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, prince of tennis, stages of change: acceptance
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