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CSI: Catherine Willows/Nick Stokes, Five Days of the Working Week: Friday

Title: Friday Resolution
Author: Sweetness (aaronlisa@gmail.com)
Theme: Five Days of the Working Week: Friday
Rating: Fr13
Disclaimer: CSI belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS and company.
Author's Note: Set during the first half of Season Five.

Catherine stared at Ecklie in disbelief as he threatened her with the loss of any promotions in the crime lab over office gossip. She was astounded at the threat and she briefly wondered if Nick was worth risking her career over.

“Conrad, my personal life is just that personal. It doesn’t affect how I do my job.”
”Now Catherine, I’m not saying that it affects your work, but it does affect the lab’s integrity.”
”My relationship with a fellow CSI does not affect the lab.”
”I am only asking that you be reasonable.”
”I’m not going to give up a relationship because it makes you uncomfortable,” Catherine flatly stated as she left Ecklie’s office.

Tags: catherine willows/nick stokes, csi, five days: friday
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