battle plans on sale (iniq) wrote in stagesoflove,
battle plans on sale

less than zero: julian wells,5 wrongs: #5

Title: Decisions
Fandom: Less Than Zero (Bret Easton Ellis, 1985)
Character: Julian Wells
Theme: five wrongs
Rating: R

Never the Right Time

"Do you want to come with me?"

"No," he'd answered. He wishes he'd said yes. Clay had sounded sincere, like he had really wanted to take Julian with him – to somewhere else; somewhere far away. Anywhere was better than here. Julian knew that, and still, the idea of going with Clay had scared him more than staying and being Finn's whore. Maybe Clay had really meant it. Maybe Clay really wanted him to come. Maybe he should have said yes.

Maybe he should have said yes.
The one time he decided to say no - and it was the wrong time.

Tags: five wrongs, julian wells, less than zero
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