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Prince of Tennis Kawamura Takashi X Fuji Shuusuke - Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Penetration

Title: None
Author: Hex
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Penetration
Rating: NC-17

Fuji had been teasing Taka. He had thought things would end long before Taka’s fingers would be stretching him. Before Taka would be hot and hard while rubbing himself on the inside of Fuji’s thigh for a little relief. He had thought Taka would push him away, showing his usual restraint.

Instead Taka was pressing into him, whispering apologies for being too much in love to hold back. Hot breath was on Fuji’s neck and in his ear, begging to know if more hurt than pleasure was being given. It was uncomfortable but Fuji demanded, in the same sort of passion raw voice, that Taka press in as far as he could go.
Tags: prince of tennis, takashi kawamura/shuusuke fuji
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