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New Series Tomorrow People: Kevin Wilson/Alex MacDonald, Stages of Grief, Acceptance

Home Is Where the Heart Is
Author: Anne
Rating/Warnings: OK (Oz/Kiwi spelling/grammar etc) – PG – Angst, romance.
Theme: Stages of Grief: Acceptance
Author's notes: This fic is part of the Tears in Heaven series
Pairing: Kevin/Alex

Summary: Kevin is contacted by his father with the news that his mother is dying. He and Alex go to see them in the hope that burnt bridges can be rebuilt before it's too late.

Disclaimer: The Tomorrow People belong to Roger Damon Price, Thames/Tetra and ITV television. I promise to return the characters in one piece, more or less, when I'm finished, but hold no liability for any physical injury or psychological trauma sustained by them in my fiction. Alex belongs to Kevin and he's very possessive and overprotective so don't touch or even think about it.

[ ] indicates telepathy.

Thanks to: Linda and Misanagi for beta reading.

May was often chilly in New Zealand. Kevin pulled his coat around him as Alex opened the church door. It was a Saturday afternoon, two hours before the evening service, and St. Mark's was quiet. They would be alone, and have privacy for what they had planned.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Alex asked, pausing with the door half-open. It had been his idea, a way of seeking a closure of sorts that Kevin had not managed to achieve while his mother had lived. The cancer had progressed quickly, and although Mr. Wilson had not contacted them again, Aunt Ruth had kept them informed. Family was family she said, and they would always be hers, even if her sister had no sense or compassion left in her. In many ways Aunt Ruth had stepped into the position Mrs. Wilson had vacated, and had been more of a mother to Kevin than his own had ever been.

"It's something I need to do." Kevin managed a slight smile. "I think she would approve of this, at least."

"You don't need her approval," Alex reminded him. "You're living a good life, and you love and are loved. That's all that matters."

"Acceptance would have been nice." Kevin sighed, and followed Alex into the church, both of them genuflecting out of habit before walking down the aisle, even though they did not attend very regularly.

"You have acceptance, love." Alex reached into his pocket and retrieved a plain white candle. "Mine. You just need to find your own, but that will take time."

"I'm not sure I will find it," Kevin admitted. His mother had died a month ago, but he had not been able to face going to the church near his parents' home. There were too many memories and he couldn't risk meeting his father. This was a compromise, the church Alex's family attended, and it was Mrs. Wilson's birthday, a celebration of her life, rather than mourning her death. A way for Kevin to remember the good times, rather than to dwell on the bad.

"I have faith in you, Kevin. I believe in you. I always have." Alex smiled. "Forever is a long time. It takes as long as it needs to, and if it doesn't, it's the fact you tried that counts."

Together, they approached the altar by the statue of Mary, Mrs. Wilson's namesake. Alex handed Kevin the candle. Hands shaking, he lit it and placed it amongst the others, a light burning bright, keeping what was left of his hope alive.

"Happy birthday, Mum. Be at peace." Kevin knelt and made the sign of the cross, Alex watching him. This was something for Kevin; Alex was there for support and a reminder that his lover was not alone.

When Kevin had finished, he stood, feeling lighter than he had in months. And then, hand in hand, they left the church, to walk into the autumn sun.


Tags: kevin wilson/alex macdonald, stages of grief: acceptance, tomorrow people
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