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Gundam Wing; Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner; Seven Sins: Gluttony

Title: Saligiare 5/7
Author: Misanagi
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony
Rating: NC17 overall
Pairing: 3x4
Warnings: Angst.
Summary: About decisions, right and wrong, and the path they build.
Thanks a lot to Anne for the beta.


I wake to the smell of breakfast. The curtains are closed but a few rays of light sneak in through the corners. Quatre isn't in bed, but his smell lingers on the pillows and sheets. I close my eyes again and bury my face on his pillow. Just a couple of minutes more.

Again I wake, to the smell of coffee this time, and that's powerful enough to make me rub my eyes and slowly sit up. I throw the covers away and stand up. With my eyes half closed, I follow the smell into the living room. It's bright here. I blink a couple of times, open my eyes and see Quatre, standing in front of me, wearing nothing but boxers, smiling.

"Your clothes are there," he points to the floor. "In case you are cold." His smile brightens. "Breakfast is ready."

I watch him sit on the counter before I find my boxers and put them on. "You didn't have to cook."

I sit beside him and he puts a plate of eggs and toast, and a coffee cup, in front of me. "I know."

We eat silently and I wake up slowly with each bite. Quatre takes the plates to the kitchen and when he returns he doesn't sit next to me but stands by the window, looking outside. "You can tell me now."

I stand up and walk behind him. I put my arms around him and rest my chin on his shoulder. It's raining outside, a soft rain. The few people on the street rush around, umbrella in hand. "Do you like it here?"

"Yes." He pauses. "Tell me."

I kiss his neck. "I want you." I kiss his shoulder. "You." Trace my fingers over his belly, trace the scar Dorothy left. "Your body." I bury my nose on his hair. "Your scent." I bite his ear softly. "Your taste." My hands roam up his chest. "Your heart." I tighten my hold around him. "All of you."

I hold my breath, waiting. I know I'm asking too much, more than I need, more than I require, but I want it all – I don't care if others want some too – I desire it. Heero once called it gluttony, craving more than one needs. I am moderated in every aspect of my life, everything but this. I need him, and now that I can admit it, I'm not letting go.

Quatre turns around and kisses me. "You have me," he says. "What I need to know is if I can have you." He looks afraid, as if he's not sure he wants to know the answer.

"You do."

His look doesn't change. "What about the circus, and Catherine? Last time you told me you didn't want to be only Quatre Winner's boyfriend." He diverts his eyes for a moment before focusing them back on me. "What about you? I can't have you if you get lost in me."

I sigh and take a step back. "What are you asking, Quatre? I don't understand."

He lowers his head. "Exactly."
Tags: gundam wing, seven deadly sins: gluttony, trowa barton/quatre raberba winner
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