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Saiyuki, Kougaiji/Goku, Stages of Change-Acceptance

Title: Eyes on Me
Author/Artist: silver_magess
Theme: Stages of Change-Acceptance
Rating: G

For five days now, Kougaiji had felt those eyes on him, burning holes through him. The prince had gotten used to it by now; though he wished Goku would just get it over with. Occasionally, the monkey would try to jump him, but Kougaiji would deftly toss him aside. Which wasn't going over so well this time. "Just let me kiss you, jerk!" Kougaiji thought about indulging him, then shook his head and continued onwards, causing Goku to shriek. Truth was, he'd much rather have those eyes on him than a pair of lips.
Tags: kougaiji/son goku, saiyuki, stages of grief: acceptance
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