Read the Diary (evilremmy) wrote in stagesoflove,
Read the Diary

No. 4 Earth - Due South: Benton Fraser/Ray (Stanley) Kowalski

Title: Under His Fingernails
Author: Evilremmy
Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray (Stanley) Kowalski
Theme: Five Senses - No. 4 Earth
Rating: PG
Notes: Love it? Review.

They go deeper into the wilderness than they’ve ever gone that summer. When they’re running out of food for themselves and Diefenbaker, Fraser insists on tracking an injured caribou, rather than going down the mountain to the main herd. When they find it, Fraser asks Ray to put the animal out of its misery. It’s a symbol of their companionship that he doesn’t argue. Whilst Fraser digs through the mud and claws some roots from the rocky soil, Ray does his gruesome work. When Fraser runs his hands over his cheeks that night, there is still earth under his fingertips.
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