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Veronica Mars (Veronica/Duncan/Logan) Stages of Love

Title: Second time around 3/5
Author: ebonypsyche
Rating: PG
Theme: Stages of love- passion
Words: 113
A/n: UGH- Life- not good so I haven't been here for two weeks  *sighs*  So here's my updates- Don't kill me *hides*

One thing Duncan had to admire about Logan and Veronica was their passion. When they gave their hearts to something, the didn't do it half-way. Look at how much they were devoted to Lily.

And he really didn't need to think about his sister when Veronica was doing that to his ear.

Logan smirked at the pair in his rear view mirror. It was nice to see his boyfriend let go. Duncan had hidden depths that Logan fore one would love to see come out. Seeing Duncan's full blown shiver, Logan guessed that finding those depths had become Veronica's new mission.

And Logan knew firsthand that nothing stopped Veronica on a mission.

Title: Second time around 4/5
Author: ebonypsyche
Rating: PG
Theme: Stages of love- intimacy
Words: 152

Veronica knew how lucky she was. She had two special boyfriends that would do anything for her. Boyfriends, not lovers, She thought. They had gotten close to that status but Veronica just couldn't bring herself to that point just yet. Not after Shelly Pomroy's party.

When Logan stopped in front of a secluded cabin of his, instead of the swept-away feeling she knew should have been expected, she felt a mild panic at the idea of what could happen.

But Duncan was rubbing her arms with a look of self-loathing while Logan was saying that they weren't going to go further than what she was comfortable with. Quickly she kissed Duncan as Logan crawled back next to her. She pulled she leaned into him and looked into his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she finally decided to open herself to the love of her two boyfriends.

Not just boyfriends-lovers.

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