Daegaer (daegaer) wrote in stagesoflove,

Weiss Kreuz: Mamoru/Nagi, Five Stages of Grief - Acceptance

Title: Let Your Servant Depart
Author: Daegaer
Theme: Five Stages of Grief - Acceptance
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing: Nagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG

Weeks later, he tailed Rex. She bowed low before Nagi's grave.

"He won't let us take care of him. Please accept my apologies for this failure, Naoe-san."

"You hated him, stop pretending," Mamoru said, dully.

Rex spun round. "I didn't hate him, Mamoru-sama," she said. "Naoe-san was devoted to you."

"Not because it was his job!"

"We understand your grief," Rex said carefully. "Your staff also love you."

Mamoru cried at last. It wasn't the love he wanted.

"Please," Rex said. "We were his friends. Let us care for you."

Nagi was gone. Gone.

He let her lead him away.
Tags: mamoru takatori/nagi naoe, stages of grief: acceptance, weiß kreuz
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