sister moon (melanie_anne) wrote in stagesoflove,
sister moon

Title: Friday
Author: melanie_anne
Theme: Five Days – Friday
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters.

"You did good the other day."

They're alone in the elevator, and Gibbs' comment takes her by surprise. For a moment she's too stunned to respond, and all she says is, "Thanks."

Gibbs suddenly pushes the emergency stop button and turns to look at Kate. Neither speaks, and Kate is the one to break eye contact first. "Gibbs, I—"

"We need to talk."


"Have dinner with me tonight."

"Like a date?" Kate says without thinking, then, "Of course not. Sorry."

Gibbs touches her shoulder. "Yes. A date."

"Umm. Okay."

Gibbs smiles, and pushes the button to start the elevator.
Tags: five days: friday, leroy jethro gibbs/caitlin 'kate' todd, ncis
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