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Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza Hawkeye, Five Loves

title: Flirtation
author: windsor blue
theme: five loves
rating: PG-13, this part
fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
character: Riza Hawkeye
word count: 339

Colonel Mustang told her she had beautiful eyes and a lovely figure, and Riza shook her head, turned on her heel and went on about her business. After all, she told herself, Col. Mustang was a well-known womanizer. He complimented a woman's appearance much in the same way other people said "Good morning". It didn't mean anything, she told herself. It wasn't something he meant.

Lt. Colonel Hughes smiled at her a little longer than usual, held her gaze a little longer than usual and asked her if anyone had ever told her she had pretty eyes. Riza frowned and said, "No", and then "Well, yes, actually..." and then "Never mind." She turned away when Lt. Colonel Hughes started smiling again - a smile Riza thought she'd seen him smile at his wife; a smile Riza thought ought to belong to his wife alone - and as she turned away Riza told herself she was imagining things that weren't there. Yes, that was it. Too many evenings spent alone in her quarters, and now she was imagining flirtations at every turn.

She saw Gracia Hughes in the corridor - stopped to say hello - and when Gracia laid her hand on Riza's arm and told Riza that she had the prettiest eyes, told Riza how flattering her uniform was to her figure, Riza watched the way Gracia smiled and wished that it were so. She wished that the wishes she'd told herself were fever dreams - wishes for touches like Gracia's hand on her arm, slow-sliding down from bicep to wrist and for the smiles Gracia's husband gave so freely and for Colonel Mustang to tell her she was beautiful by pressing his lips to her skin instead of spouting off the same bullshit he told every other woman...

Riza watched Gracia smile while she told Riza she was pretty, and wished it were so, and then Riza wondered why she was so sure it wasn't. She met Gracia's smile with one of her own, and said, "Thank you."

Tags: five loves, fullmetal alchemist, riza hawkeye
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