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Noir--Mireille/Kirika/Chloe; Five Wrongs

Title: Confessions, part 4
Author: Bulmafox
Rating: R, for lime-ish yuri
Word count: 451
Author's Notes: I waited until the last minutet to write this, because I'm not experienced at writing Mireille.

Confessions--Part 4

by: Bulmafox

Mireille stood on a cliff overlooking the Manor. A high-ranking Soldat named Remy Breffort had come to her a few days ago to invite her into the fold. He explained Noir and the trials and then told her she was aslo a candidate. Then Breffort told her that since Kirika and Chloe have made it to the Manor and interfering in matters there was taboo, that they needed Mireille to kill either Kirika or Chloe and take her place, to foil Altena.

However, that wasn't the real reason she was here. She missed Kirika. It wasn't that she couldn't live without her; in fact, she went right back to her old routine. But she was just going through the motions, her mind always on Kirika, asking herself why she pushed her away. And what did she mean by 'before I do somethng I regret'. She had already known the answer; she just refused to accept it. Mireille had already cared too much for Kirika and couldn't kill her. She knew her walls were breaking down, that she was losing control of her feelings. Kirika's admission had forced her to see that. And so she pushed Kirika away.

But no more. She was going to get Kirika back, even if she was doing exactly what the Soldats wanted. She'd deal with them later.

She got back into her Jeep and drove to the Manor.


Kirika and Chloe were about to start the purification ritual, one of the last rituals before they would become Noir. They had already stripped and were bathing at opposite ends of the spring, with their backs to each other.

Chloe tentatively glanced at Kirika. It surprised her how close they'd gotten in only a few days. Maybe Kirika remembered their time together, before she woke up in Japan? Whatever it was, she was glad it happened and that the accursed blonde hadn't shown up. She looked at Kirika again and made her way to the other side of the spring.

Kirika turned around and before she knew what was happening, Chloe kissed her. On the mouth. Using her tongue. On an impulse, Kirika deepened the kiss. She couldn't remember when she'd started loving her. She was sure they'd been close before; maybe those feelings were coming back to her. She turned them around, pushed Chloe to the edge of the pool and started exploring her body.


Sometime later, Mireille showed up at the ruins. She could've sworn she saw two people, in the nude, doing something in the grass. She tiptoed closer, making sure not to alert them. Her eyes widened as she saw Kirika and Chloe making love in the grass, by the pool.


Tags: five wrongs, mireille bouquet/kirika yuumura/chloe, noir
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