astarvingwriter (astarvingwriter) wrote in stagesoflove,

Naruto: Itachi/Sakura, Colors: Black

Title: Nothing So Dark
Theme: Five Colors: Black (4/5)
Rating: PG-ish

Nothing So Dark
Just A Starving Writer

Standard Disclaimer Applies

The moment he realizes what she’s done, he is furious. His steadily improving vision has instantly become worse than it ever was. The inky blackness is unnatural. The colors that have shaped his world have been suffocated, and he feels all too surely that whatever she has done, it will not be reparable.

Her deep breaths, much more rhythmic than he would have suspected, are the only indications of her flight from his sure fury.

But he will retrieve her, yes. If family has not stopped his pursuit of power, such a lack as sight will surely not deter him.

Tags: five colors, naruto, uchiha itachi/haruno sakura
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