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Saiyuki, Homura/Konzen, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy

Title: Untitled
Author/Artist: Sudachi
Theme: Mouth/handjobs
Rating: R
Author's Notes: None

Nothing between them was ever easy, nor did he expect it to be. Each moment, each caress they shared was a sin; a sacrilegious pleasure that brightened an otherwise hellish existence.

Homura smiled as Konzen yanked sharply at his hair. He was used to it by now; used to the insults, the moaned protests. Used to Konzen trying to stop him, even as he felt the blonde's body respond to his touches. It was, at best, a futile attempt. No amount of pain was enough to deter the war god now; not when he was kneeling before Konzen, easily pinning the smaller man's hips to the wall. It had taken months to reach this point in their games; months of patience he didn't possess to finally find himself in this position. Months of waiting to taste the other man, waiting to make the aloof deity come for him. And now...

He only chuckled as Konzen cursed him, shaking his head at the man's stubbornness. He had pictured this all before. Imagined the firmness of Konzen's cock as he stroked his own at night... imagined the blonde writhing beneath him as he came, the seed he spilled filling a warm, tight body rather than his own fist. Each night of fantasy had only fueled his desire for more; and now, faced with the evidence of the blonde's own arousal, nothing short of death itself would stop the heretic from having what he wanted.

Homura leaned forward, slowly running his tongue along the underside of Konzen's erection. He tightened his grip, holding his captive still as the man tried to thrust toward him. Deciding it was best to ignore the demands that he stop, Homura allowed the head of Konzen's cock to slip past his lips. He sucked harshly, taking a moment to savor the long-awaited taste before pressing onward. The voice from above grew colder in tone, but the soft moans that punctuated each demand came more and more frequently.

It wasn't long before Konzen's tugs took on more of an encouraging nature. He pulled at Homura's hair, trying to force himself deeper into the man's throat. The war god obliged these demands rather willingly, and it wasn't long before he could safely release Konzen with one hand to grip his own erection firmly.

They came within moments of each other, Konzen's muffled cries of completion triggering Homura's own orgasm. Several breathless moments later, Homura stood, smirking down at the shorter man. Konzen only scowled, shaking his head as they adjusted their clothing. "Don't start thinking I'm going to do this shit to you."

Homura laughed softly, dropping a hard kiss on Konzen's lips before pulling away. "You will." He waved casually before leaving the office, trying not to laugh at the thud of something striking the closed door. Maybe the paperweight, again, or a book that was within reach. So stubborn.. so much like him.

Not that he was surprised, though. After all, nothing between them had ever been easy.

Part 1: Patting
Part 2: Hugging
Part 3: Kissing
Tags: konzen douji/homura taishi, saiyuki
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