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Firsts - Final Fantasy 8, Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart

Title: Like an animal
Author: darksquall
Pairing: Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart
Rating: NC17
Theme: Firsts - First time.
AN: I am emotionally drained and I hate this drabble, but I only want to sleep right now

Squall whimpered as Seifer pushed into his body for the first time. It was soft, almost inaudible but Seifer had managed to catch it..

He paused, staying still as he brushed his lips over Squall’s lightly and carefully. If he said anything he would only turn this into another one of their fights, their fruitless battles and it was much too important for him to do that. So he remained silent, stroking the backs of his fingers over Squall’s cheek as he allowed the dark haired boy to get used to it.

Then he dared to roll his hips and Squall moaned. The sound wasn’t human.

Taking that husky growl of a sound as encouragement, Seifer finally allowed himself to move. Careful measured strokes at first, driving himself deep into Squall’s body over and over, Seifer had to close his eyes. If he’d watched Squall for a second more he’d have come first and he couldn’t let that happen. Even if it was just this once, Seifer had to make Squall come first.

He caught Squall’s hand and pulled it to the hard arc of his sex, allowing himself the briefest glimpse of Squall’s features, tangling his fingers with Squall’s as he stroked his cock. Every gentle little tug and cautious little squeeze pulled another moan from Squall’s lips and Seifer had to kiss him again to make sure he wouldn’t pass out.

Squall was so tight around him he could barely remember how to breathe.

Seifer almost sobbed with relief when Squall came, another of those animal growls spilling from his lips as his hips bucked up into Seifer’s touch. He dared to open his eyes, in time to watch Squall toss his head, his hair sticking to his forehead with sweat and his body trembling in pleasure as his skin flushed red. He’d watched Squall’s release flood across their joined fingers.

Then he’d come as well.

It was only afterwards, when he’d slumped down on top of Squall - exhausted and relieved - that he’d realised Squall sounded more like a lion when he came than ever.

And he wanted to hear it again.
Tags: final fantasy 8, firsts: first time, seifer almasy/squall leonhart
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