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No. 4 Red - Harry Potter - Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Title: Striped Blood Red
Author: Evilremmy
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Gen
Theme: Five Colours - No. 4 Red
AN: Oh noes! The midnight oil is burning. Not going to get all these done right now, because the Internet turned into the lag monster from hell, and tried to eat me. This is my fifth time loading this page. x.x

Harry is brave and courageous. He’s everything that Gryffindor stands for. Dressed in red and gold robes, he fights like a lightning bolt. Snape finds himself shocked as he watches the boy – only he’s grown up so much these last few years – he is a man now. Snape feels a certain amount of pride in the glances he catches of Harry. He’s kept him alive all this time; turned him into the fighting force that is now, with the confidence and power to defeat Voldemort.

Harry too shoots looks towards Snape, and he exudes a happiness…almost a loving when he sees him, that Snape begins to feel happy too. If it wasn’t too busy fighting he’d be blushing like a schoolboy himself.

Nagini is different in the light of the midday battle. She is al pebble yellow with red stripes worked all the way down her back. Her crimson eyes flash as she rolls them up to meet Snape’s; and she flickers out her tongue, devouring the taste of his sudden fear at the sight of her.

And then there is a hiss, such as Snape had only heard a few times before, and Harry has distracted the snake long enough for Snape to lift his wand and curse the beast with a Sectumsempra. Something black gusts from Nagini as her red blood sweeps out through the wound; and Harry is quick, lifting his wand and killing the part of Voldemort’s soul before it can escape.

There is a howl from all around them it seems – and then there is the crack of apparition; and Voldemort is there, all black robes, pale skin and red eyes. “What have you done, Potter?” hisses the supernatural voice, high pitched and dangerous.

And Harry, smiling, his own eyes flashing blood red, lifts his wand. “Say goodbye to immortality.” And then the plan is forgotten.
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