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Fic: Con Air by HYPERFocused, Stargate Atlantis McKay/Sheppard Rated R Elements 3/5: Air

Title: Con Air
Author: HYPERFocused
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Prompt: Air
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: R
Word Count: 500
A/N: For stagesoflove, Elements. Follows Earth in the Balance, and The Water is Wide. Also written for oxoneinsis' Porn Battle

Rodney can fly the Puddle Jumper better than he lets on, though nowhere near as well as Major Sheppard, which is, of course, the point of all his subterfuge.

Rodney likes his lessons, likes to watch John in his competence, watch John's graceful fingers touch the screens, admire the way he knows what to do immediately, like he was born to it. Perhaps he was. There are so few people who can teach Rodney anything -- one of the perils of being a genius -- but John does.

For once, there's no urgent business, so John's commandeered Jumper 2, Rodney's scrounged some MRE's, and they've got the afternoon to themselves. They need this break.

They're making use of this interlude to reconnect with the best part of the Atlantis experience. Rodney won't admit it to anyone else, but beyond the thrill of exploration, the satisfaction of scientific discovery, lies John.

They're soaring over the wide expanse of water when John says, 'I'm onto you, you know," Rodney handles the gateship smoothly.


"The flying thing. You're quite good. You'd just rather I do it. How come?"

"It gives me more time to think. Besides, it's what you do best." Rodney turns towards him. 'And I like to watch you, when you're happy."

"I can do other things you could watch. Happy things, I mean."

"You'd do them here? We've never..."

"The jumper's fine on her own." John eases back in his seat, and runs a hand down his thigh. He is teasing Rodney without even touching him.

"So, a different kind of lesson, then?" Rodney asked.

"Observation first, then you can try it." John unfastens his trousers, and pulls out his cock, . He's gone commando, which makes things easier, and has to mean they've both planned for this to happen.. Rodney can see that John is already hard. He wonders if that was from anticipation of what they might do together, or from the thrill of flight itself. He wouldn't put it past the Major to be affected by either one.

"Now, first, you've got to use a firm, but comfortable grip." John demonstrates, hand moving evenly up and down. 'Not too fast, at first. It's best to ease into it. If you let yourself go too fast, you'll lose control, and the trip will be over."

"Slow and steady wins the race?"

"Not slow, exactly, but yes, steady, You have to feel every motion, Remind yourself that the journey is just as important as getting there."

"That makes sense. Like the work of making the discovery can be almost as satisfying as getting the award for it."

John laughs. "Leave it to you to turn it to a science analogy."

"So now that we've had the theory and observation, when will it be time for some experimentation?" Rodney is tired of watching from a distance. He wants some hands on practice himself.

"Gold star," John gasps, letting Rodney take over. He was hot and wet and needy in Rodney's grip.

"Does this mean the lessons are all over?"

"Extra credit!" John moans, and comes.
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