Isobel (allora) wrote in stagesoflove,

Final Fantasy VII, Vincent/Lucretia, Set of Five Colours

Title: Red
Author: verlandi
Theme: Set of 5 Colours
Rating: G

All that’s left of her now was the blood red sign on the door that said “Biohazard”. He told himself that he was helpless to

prevent it, because he had too much to lose. He did not love her, because she never loved him anyway. He could forget her,

like he had consciously forgotten the people who lost their lives by his hand and passed him by like wind on water.

But as he fingered the sign that still smelt of fresh paint, he could no longer deny that his pointless fear of loss had caused

him to lose everything.

Tags: final fantasy 7, five colors, vincent valentine/lucrecia crescent
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