Isobel (allora) wrote in stagesoflove,

Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, Five Loves of Life

Title: Sephiroth
Author: verlandi
Theme: Five Loves of Life
Rating: G
Author's Note: Much thanks to xiaa for beta!

He was being generous when he offered me his hand. I told him I could stand up by myself. I didn’t want to take it and find out that it was as cold as his eyes.

I strived to let my name heard in the roll-call, and earn his side-glances. I wished he could take me along, whether for training or on mission. I wished to have a chance to tell him how much I wanted to become like him.

My wishes were fulfilled, though it was only when I found out that the blood from his guts was warm.

Tags: cloud strife, final fantasy 7, five loves
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