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Prince of Tennis Kawamura Takashi X Fuji Shuusuke - Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Mouth/handjobs

Title: None
Author: Hex
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Mouth/handjobs
Rating: NC-17-ish?

They were sitting on the bed, face to face, enough space for a hand between them. A hand that was stroking Taka, making him growl and purr like a large cat.

Fuji had worked his hand in between them carefully. Taka was gentlemanly and shy, making things awkward. Taka would push away, trying to curb himself, long before Fuji wanted to stop.

Fuji was carefully and patiently peeling away the layers of restraint and sweet affection to find the passion underneath. His progress had been maddeningly slow, but finally he had succeeded in claiming Taka’s passion. It spilled all over Fuji’s hand while Taka let out a low, openmouthed moan
Tags: prince of tennis, stages of love: intimacy, takashi kawamura/shuusuke fuji
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