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Prince of Tennis: Kikumaru Eiji X Oishi Shuichiro Five Days of the Working Week - Thursday

Title: None
Author/Artist: Hex
Theme: Five Days of the Working Week - Thursday
Rating: PG-15

Thursday was worse than a whore, Thursday was a tease. Very nearly Friday, but when you dove into for a taste, the bitterness of one final early morning would be found beneath the promise of weekend freedom.

The trick to surviving it and not being fooled by its charms was to be occupied. So occupied in fact that date and time lost all meaning.

That was why Oishi’s protests of, “Not now,” or “We’ll have more time for this tomorrow night,” and even occasionally, “We’ll be too tired tomorrow,” were always ignored. Eiji pressed on until their feelings were paramount and Thursday’s offerings were forgotten.
Tags: five days: thursday, prince of tennis, shuichiro oishi/kikumaru eiji
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