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FFIX: Blank/Zidane Tribal, five stages: intimacy

Title: Curls
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Intimacy
Rating: PG

For once, Zidane isn't saying anything at all. Blank curls against him, smiling a little, because he's comfortable and Zidane is comfortable and for once it's just the two of them -- the other members of Tantalus out doing a job that mysteriously didn't have to involve either of them, but did somehow involve Ruby and even got the kids who hung around their hideout out of the way.

Blank makes a mental note that he has to thank Baku, slipping his hand into Zidane's and tangling their fingers carefully. He'll never get used to Zidane's flirting.

But he's happy for now.
Tags: blank/zidane tribal, final fantasy 9, five stages of love
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