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FFIV/X-2: Edward "Edge" Geraldine/Gippal, five firsts: first argument

Title: Possibilities
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: First argument
Rating: PG

"Shit, you're that bored of me?"

Edge huffs softly and Gippal immediately feels a little sorry. But he doesn't say that. It's Edge's own stupid fault for wandering in and then starting to wander out when what they really is some time away from each other -- preferably involving Gippal being in the deep desert while Edge stays back somewhere like Djose. That kind of time apart.

"Forget it," he mumbles, finally. He'll bend that far, he supposes. Far enough to let Edge escape without another word. But Edge doesn't move.

"Are you all sore at me because I want to see my home and friends again?"

"I'm kind of insulted that my relationship with you doesn't mean anything in this!"

"Of course it does, but..."

The words just spill out, bitter and harsh, until Gippal just wants to scream at himself to shut up. He almost wishes for Nhadala, with her hard, stinging slap and her oh so rational ways. She always knows how to get him to shut the fuck up when he needs to. "But you've got a whole world and friends to go back for, so what does one loving boyfriend matter? I get it."

"Now you're being self pitying."

Gippal sighs softly. Edge is right, and he hates it. Sighing softly and throwing himself down on his bed, he stares at the wall of the tent. "Maybe you should go to Djose for a while. Maybe even Bevelle. You might find something to help you there. Better than in the middle of the desert. And... it'd give us both time to calm down."

"Sounds like a good idea."

"One question, though. Are you really just going to go home, if you can, and forget about me?"

Edge sighs and goes over to the bed, putting a hand on Gippal's shoulder and forcing him to roll onto his back. He leans down and kisses him softly.

"I don't think I can. On either count."
Tags: crossovers: ffiv/ffx-2, edward 'edge' geraldine/gippal, five firsts: first argument
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