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Stargate SG-1: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, 5 Wrongs - #4

Title: Soft Shoeing
Author: aoife_hime
Theme: Five Wrongs
Rating: PG/PG-13

Soft Shoeing

After a shot of the SGC scientists’ moonshine from hell, Jack wasn’t much in the mood for anything remotely social. Too bad he was stuck at a party that was still in full swing and that he could not leave early from without having his conscience nag him for weeks on end.

To remedy the matter, he took to nursing a Guinness and a plate of finger food in a quiet corner with a few of his old (and less rowdy) officer buddies. They joked good naturedly for about an hour, laughing about close to everything they could lay their tongues to. The group was still conversing, though much louder now that a few more beers and shots had been downed, when the gentle music that had been playing throughout the night changed. Jack found that his foot was tapping absently along with the quick beat.

When the other officers’ wives showed up and dragged them onto the makeshift dance floor, Jack took that as a sign he should probably find Sam and convince her to go at least one dance with him. He got up to his feet steadily enough, though he had a suspicion that maybe that second Guinness hadn’t been the best idea in the world.

The room people had started using a dance floor was crowded, both with couples dancing and with bystanders practically covering the walls. Sam wasn’t among the wallflowers, though, as Jack quickly discerned. She was already dancing. Thankfully, it was with someone he recognized and who wasn’t obviously drooling over her. He let the song finish before he moved over and tapped the man on the shoulder. After smiling and thanking Sam for the dance, the man left and Jack moved into his place.

“May I have this dance?” Jack asked politely, though his eyes still shone with their usual irreverence. The combination never failed to make Sam at least grin. This time was no exception.

Dancing with Sam and being able to hold her close without worrying about someone seeing them had to rank as one of his most favorite activities of all time. When they were able to simply sway in time to the (slightly slower now) music caring about nothing outside that moment… now that was a slice of heaven. Jack sighed contentedly, pulling her closer still when suddenly a short screech ripped through the room. In the moments it took Jack’s ears to stop ringing, he realized it was Sam.

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked frantically, his eyes automatically scanning the area for anything remotely hostile. After a few mumbled curses, he got a reply.

“My foot, Jack. You just squashed my toes with your shoes!” Jack looked down to see five very red toes. One nail even seemed to have blood gathering on its edges.

Geez, O’Neill, how could you have missed stepping on her foot like that?! he chastised himself as he maneuvered Sam to a chair. No more alcohol for you tonight…
Tags: five wrongs, samantha carter/jack o'neill, stargate: sg-1
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